Meet The Person Behind Midline Solutions


From the field of psychology transitioned to the tech & design industry as a  website designer, she has come a long way before building and starting this agency. She has already helped 20+ service and product-based clients with her website design services, catering to both local and international business industries.

Aside from being a website designer, she is also a website design coach of more than 80+ students for her Website Designers Academy. She has already helped a lot of Filipino freelancers get a consistent and stable income through her website design course.

Like any other service provider and agency owner, it was also not easy for Christelle to get where she is now today. Yep, she has also experienced tons and tons of rejections just like you. She was even reprimanded by her client once because she was afraid to tell them what she thinks of the design.

That’s when she realized how important communication was in business. The more you communicate with your target market, the more they understand you, the more they relate with you…the more open they will come before you, resulting in them turning into a hot lead or even a paying client.

This was one of the reasons why Midline Solutions was born.


Quick Story Time

That’s how we started, or let’s say, that’s why we started. Midline Solutions was created because our founder and CEO met a business owner once who was having a hard time reaching their target customers because all they had in hand was a mere business card — nothing more, nothing less.

That business owner could not attract and get their customers because they do not have a systematic and effective strategy that lets them be exposed and be seen in their market. 

And, that motivated us to start an agency that caters to business owners who are having a hard time promoting their businesses. By giving them an opportunity to stand out in their market through an effective and professional website design and social media content, they will be able to highlight who they are and promote what they do, which could attract potential clients more than ever.

Our mission does not end with letting you stand out in your market.

Building a brand and strengthening your business’s online visibility is a constant process of experimenting and showing up to your community. You cannot stand out if you do not get yourself immersed in your target market.

That’s why one of our missions here at Midline Solutions is to make sure that your website designs and social media content not only promote and sell your services but also communicate well with your target market. 

Being able to communicate well with your audience allows you to grow a community that trusts, believes, and cares for you. And, the more that they do that, the more that your online visibility will expand — opening a lot of opportunities for you as a business owner.

A creative agency that caters to all, an agency that helped you to grow.

That’s our vision here at our agency. In 5 to 10 years’ time, we want to be able to help more clients, organizations, and companies per month and help them grow to achieve their breakthroughs and winning stories.

At the same time, we also want to be the sought-after agency who are proven to help and meet results for every client that we worked with.

Our core values are summed up to this:


We want to foster a strong bond and connection with you whom you can run to for advice and whom you can rant to like a friend. We want you to feel like we’re your close friends, helping you to make your business grow.


We don’t want you to feel intimidated, rather, we want you to feel heard and seen. That’s why it’s okay to get comfortable with us because we are an approachable team who is more than ready to assist you with your needs.


We make sure that the outputs we deliver are of quality and sustainable — something that keeps you coming back to us because of its long-term results.

Effective Communication

This is the heart of our agency — the very root we are connected with. We ensure that your designs are carefully researched and analyzed so that our outputs will be able to communicate and speak well with your target market.


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